Communication Shouldn't Be So Difficult, Right?

"We love each other, but sometimes, it is just so hard".

I have heard that statement or something like it so many times. Couples that are genuinely committed to each other and the relationship telling me that they get so frustrated and 'gridlocked when they are communicating.

I am Dr Don Russell, and I have heard that complaint from lots of couples that are very successful in their careers but struggling at home.

I have packaged what I have learned from treating hundreds of couples in my psychotherapy practice. I am making it available to you for less than the price of a couple of therapy sessions.

This course delivers the secrets to making communication flow; real connection increase: and overall satisfaction improve.

Better Communication

Master the Art of Connection with Your Partner

You and your partner are in a tough place. You have a hard time feeling connected and don’t feel understood. You worry if this is the beginning of the end of the relationship. You fantasize about what life might be like starting over, being single, and what dating someone new might be like. Maybe you even started searching for divorce attorneys. 

Many couples experience similar situations and come out stronger, more connected, and more in love than ever before. That statement probably sounds idealistic or even unimaginable if you are experiencing a rough patch in your relationship. It can happen, though, but it takes some work. You will have to make the decision that the relationship is worth being in and working on. If so, you must commit to rolling up your sleeves and doing your part.

Get this course to begin the commitment to Better Communication

Open To Influence

Learn tools to maintain and grow in influence and flexibility.

Softened Start-Up

Learn how to start an important conversation so that it ends well

Culture of Appreciation

Learn how to create a culture of genuine interest, appreciation, and growth together

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Learn concrete tools and strategies to avoid conflict escalating into destructive fights.

  • You will learn the secret of regulating the emotional intensity that leads to 'losing it' on your partner.
  • You will learn the secret of co-regulating your partner's emotion level so they can hear you and process what you are saying.
  • You will learn the key to starting a conversation to increase the odds of a successful outcome.
  • You will learn how to build connection into your daily and weekly routine.
  • You will learn the roadmap for resolving conflicts and hurts from the past that are still painful.