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- Damaris Williamson


Coaching to Reach Your Personal Best Relationship, Profession, or Mind-Body-Spirit

Relationship Coaching

One-on one coaching to create your best relationship game. Whether you are 20 or 65 you can improve your skills to love your partner better and get what yo want out of your relationship.

Vicarious Trauma Prevention

Your helping profession gives you a great sense of gratification, but it can also leave you empty, exhausted and jaded.

Work with Dr. Don to put the skills into play to protect you from getting sidelined so that you can work at your profession as long as you wish.

The Complete Wellness Makeover

We will evaluate everything from mental health to relationship health and renovate your wellbeing and raise it to next level peace, serenity and joy.

Dr. Don Russell

I'm Dr. Don Russell. I have been helping people live their best life, and creating their best relationships for more than 25 years. I can't wait to serve you with just what you need. Life-changes courses, coaching.

-Dr Don Russell